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A disturbing new sci-fi adventure game launching in 2017.


Sebastian: "What the hell .. ?"

The world is not as it should be. But you don't really know how it should be, just that.. it shouldn't be like this!


A first person adventure game with exploration, unravelling of problems and puzzles, and a complex parallel romantic plot. What the hell?


Sue: "I'm waiting for you, but I can't wait for long"

Absorbing and thought provoking, challenging our concept of reality, consciousness and the purpose of life and relationships.


PC Desktop, XBOX and PS4.

Standing on the shoulders of giants we can leverage the best that 3D gaming has to offer, and now in VR.

A dystopic psychological adventure game set in the strange town of New Haven. From awaking to the rumblings of a distant explosions, to the shocking screams of a man falling to his death right outside your house, you are thrust into the middle of a world where things are just not quite right. Weaving your way through the disconcerting situations, uncomfortable dark environments, and deadly peril at every corner, you seek answers. The anxious and confused wireless voice of Sue, claiming to be your wife and seemingly just as lost, is your only link to sanity, your only guide to unraveling why the world is falling apart.

Discrepant is a thought provoking first person sci-fi adventure game set in the genre of movies like Dark City, Donnie Darko and Thirteenth Floor.

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