0.97.1 Hot patch released

This patch applies a fix to the problem some players experience entering the underground transition room under the shed. Please comment and let me know if this is now fixed!

DEA-184 Backing out from Transition One leaves me with black screen
DEA-235 Transition between New Haven and Transition Room 1 still bugged

This will be the last update for 3 weeks as I am away. Expect next 20 Oct.

The first major update which will start to open up levels in Chapter 2 will be before the end of October.

Update 0.97 released.

A number of minor fixes and enhancements completed.

Unfortunately this update does not fix the problem some players are having accessing the underground below the shed to the Transition Room to meet Sue. However, good news is I can finally reproduce the problem, so now I can find a fix!

DEA-223 Body pitch not restored after ranged weapon dropped.
DEA-227 Auto Equip Watch from pickup
DEA-241 Truck door easier to access with “rapid open feature”
DEA-242 Increase lighting levels near crawl space on spaceship.
DEA-243 Cosmetic changes to Prologue level
DEA-244 Failed objectives not completing displaying in menu correctly

0.96 patch released

Some small fixes applied. Bigger ones to follow this week.

DEA-231 Goggles and/or face clipping through camera on sharp turns
DEA-232 Goggles not equipped / unequipped with “E”in inventory.
DEA-233 More natural pose when walking/running with 2-handed melee items
DEA-234 2 handed items need to unequip flashlight/lighter to hip, not to floor
DEA-236 Extend Objective popup from 5 to 10 seconds.
DEA-237 Airlock button disconnects from airlock
DEA-238 Heavy tool should be 2 handed.
DEA-239 Ship map upgraded to overhead view.
DEA-240 Inactivating an objective doesnt suppress objective wording

0.95.3 hot patch released.

Patch released that addresses the follow 3 bugs and 3 requests

DEA-225 drawers in kitchen ejecting contents (Bug, Medium)
DEA-226 Radio in house not summoning Sue (Bug, Medium)
DEA-228 Set Watch to 0:00:00 on restart in Level 1 (Bug, Medium)
DEA-229 Suppress 3rd person (for now) & load games default to FPP (Request, Medium)
DEA-230 House 1: Trip all breakers on power surge, not just master breaker (Request, Medium)

A weekly update will be released again over the weekend w – with some additional welcomed updates


Update 0.95 released

Latest update includes 2 new feature requests and 1 bugfix.

DEA-221 (Request) Third Person Mode (experimental)
DEA-222 (Bug) Player footsteps slide on turn in place when not melee.
DEA-224 (Request) Extend level 1 ending, and adjust Sue’s last moments to have more “context”

The ending of the tutorial level is now quite a bit more interesting for those who wish to restart and try it again. Watch her eyes!

It may be required to restart the game afresh, but see how you go. The savegames will be flagged in RED as a caution, just in case.

As with all updates and patches – please report any new issues that may have arisen as a result of the update, and they will get urgent attention, or the update will get rolled back.


Let’s Play

Some cool Let’s Play streams coming through! It’s sooooo interesting to watch them play and see where they go and what they do, and where they get stuck. Every video I have watched give me ideas on things to modify to improve the game… and inevitably will end up in the next Patch!

Watch I bet you’ve never seen these INDIE GAMES from INDIE on www.twitch.tv

Watch Playing Discrepant from Lady_Len on www.twitch.tv

Update 0.94 released!

An update has been released which adds a new feature which have been highly requested, and addresses a number of known issues.

DEA-183 Bug Starting “Transition One” issues
DEA-111 Bug Camera pivot on head bone when using Walkie-Talkie and Weapon interchangeably
DEA-122 Bug Able to see first person character’s own face when climbing.
DEA-136 Bug camera locked on my face when jumping over fence.
DEA-145 Bug able to see above ground through underground duct
DEA-146 Bug Able to walk across a duct drop without falling.
DEA-158 Bug Unable to climb back over the fence. (house with pool)
DEA-168 Bug Hole in ceiling in underground drain system
DEA-177 Bug Seeing inside my own neck and head
DEA-187 Bug Climbing ladders at offset angle
DEA-203 Bug More “seeing own head” or “inside head” issues.
DEA-218 Bug Difficulty entering storm water drain grates

DEA-219 Request Rapid open/shut doors for hiding from enemies.
DEA-220 Request Rapid open/close doors when being chased (ala Alien Isolation)

0.93.2 Patch released.

A patch has been applied which fixes a number of gameplay issues:

  • DEA-149 Highest Bug Transition Room one level transition does not load properly.
  • DEA-135 Medium Bug The forever red death ray right outside New Haven home
  • DEA-167 Medium Bug Pickup Walkie Talkie early circumvents quest
  • DEA-181 Medium Bug Tried the combination BEFORE opening neighbors safe
  • DEA-198 Medium Bug It’s too dark starting out in bedroom New Haven
  • DEA-205 Medium Bug Can’t walk through certain spaces. (spacecraft)
  • DEA-214 Medium Bug Shed Code objective not starting or completing
  • DEA-216 Medium Request Lightened New haven level again.
  • DEA-217 Medium Bug Glitch NPC’s can go through doors, so hiding in rooms, sheds, truck doesn’t work.

0.93.1 Patch released.

Patch fixes tutorial ending (Prologue level).

A patch has been applied which fixes the bug that prevents some players from completing the initial tutorial level called Prologue, plus one or two minor adjustments.

This should unlock the remaining levels in chapter 1! A substantial upgrade is scheduled for 14th September, although expect a midweek update with any other patches required.