Discrepant Released!

Indie game developer Incendio Software is proud to announce the official Early Access release of Discrepant, a dark and twisted psychological sci-fi adventure inspired by cool movies such as Dark City®, Donnie Darko® and Thirteenth Floor®. Discrepant is the studios debut game, and is available today via STEAM™.

The Challenge
Step into a dystopic yet credible world of mystery and danger and explore, fight and overcome challenges to realize the full story of what’s going on.

The World
Explore houses, suburbs, open country, sewers, subways, a city, an office block, caves and islands, as well as enigmatic scfi-fi environments and spaceships.

The Obstacles
Try driving a car, a forklift, a bicycle, trucks, a helicopter, plane, swimming underwater, climbing ladders, trees and walls, and even fly your own space shuttle between large cargo ships!

The Experience
Play is first person (or third person if preferred), shoot guns, rifles, shotguns, flare guns, borws and arrows, as your explore the beautiful colorful rendered world of discrepencies.

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