0.93.2 Patch released.

A patch has been applied which fixes a number of gameplay issues:

  • DEA-149 Highest Bug Transition Room one level transition does not load properly.
  • DEA-135 Medium Bug The forever red death ray right outside New Haven home
  • DEA-167 Medium Bug Pickup Walkie Talkie early circumvents quest
  • DEA-181 Medium Bug Tried the combination BEFORE opening neighbors safe
  • DEA-198 Medium Bug It’s too dark starting out in bedroom New Haven
  • DEA-205 Medium Bug Can’t walk through certain spaces. (spacecraft)
  • DEA-214 Medium Bug Shed Code objective not starting or completing
  • DEA-216 Medium Request Lightened New haven level again.
  • DEA-217 Medium Bug Glitch NPC’s can go through doors, so hiding in rooms, sheds, truck doesn’t work.

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