Update 0.94 released!

An update has been released which adds a new feature which have been highly requested, and addresses a number of known issues.

DEA-183 Bug Starting “Transition One” issues
DEA-111 Bug Camera pivot on head bone when using Walkie-Talkie and Weapon interchangeably
DEA-122 Bug Able to see first person character’s own face when climbing.
DEA-136 Bug camera locked on my face when jumping over fence.
DEA-145 Bug able to see above ground through underground duct
DEA-146 Bug Able to walk across a duct drop without falling.
DEA-158 Bug Unable to climb back over the fence. (house with pool)
DEA-168 Bug Hole in ceiling in underground drain system
DEA-177 Bug Seeing inside my own neck and head
DEA-187 Bug Climbing ladders at offset angle
DEA-203 Bug More “seeing own head” or “inside head” issues.
DEA-218 Bug Difficulty entering storm water drain grates

DEA-219 Request Rapid open/shut doors for hiding from enemies.
DEA-220 Request Rapid open/close doors when being chased (ala Alien Isolation)

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