0.98.2 Update released

A number of small issues and requests are provided in 0.98.2, as per below.


  • [DEA-169] – zippo in water does weird reclick repeat
  • [DEA-199] – Zippo noise comes on and won’t stop after leaving the neighbor’s pool.
  • [DEA-212] – Hand switches from right to left for a split second


  • [DEA-248] – Upgrade Tutorial and Objectives in Prologue
  • [DEA-249] – Add Help Screens off Menu System

0.98 update released

Hi, after a few weeks off, another update has been applied to Steam. A number of issues have been addressed and several feature requests included, with a major update to follow on the 20th.

DEA-246 Discrepant Novel Secret not findable
DEA-245 Instant kill hit damage happens randomly
DEA-235 Transition between New Haven and Transition Room 1 still bugged
DEA-213 Remove recharge timer on goggles.
DEA-211 Metric Units
DEA-207 Weird blue wall in house garage.
DEA-197 Fences look like they glow in the dark
DEA-192 Bathroom mirror is more like tv screen
DEA-188 Add more obvious low health warnings
DEA-184 Backing out from Transition One leaves me with black screen
DEA-171 Note upside down in TR1
DEA-102 New Haven – When crouching, the Player cannot be detected by enemies.

Summary of issues here:

Due to changes in certain quest/inventory objects, EARLY ACCESS savegame updates will not always be forward compatible, and will need to be restarted.

As always, appreciate feedback and confirmation of issues being resolved. Also, any reviews on the Steam store would be great!

Thanks all