Update 0.99.3

New update adds highly requested feature, so give player 3 lives.. before dying. Looking to add manual save at any point, not just checkpoints.

[DEA-201] – Some inaccuracies with the inventory when continuing after death.
[DEA-266] – Sue’s car hood gets stuck to car engine.

[DEA-267] – Change “QuickOpen” door to not push the player through
[DEA-268] – Give player 3 lives (restarts) before death.
[DEA-269] – When using an item from inventory, close the popup menu afterwards.
[DEA-270] – Upgraded laser scanner disable terminal.


0.99.1 Hot Patch released

To address some issues with the help system and end game sequence not showing the menu again.

Feature Requests

  • [DEA-262] – Delete unused assets in contents folder
  • [DEA-263] – Provide some low level lighting in the air duct crawlspace in spaceship


  • [DEA-260] – Help menu returns to blank menu if dying
  • [DEA-261] – Help menu doesn’t close when exiting game.

0.99 Update released!

Hi all, new update includes a new way of progressing through the tutorial level, which i think will be welcomed! Enjoy! We are still working towards final release and out of early access!

Feature Requests

  • [DEA-250] – Popup Laser effect on floor maps.
  • [DEA-256] – Add Chamber markers to maps in Emergency Checklist book and Sci-Fi
  • [DEA-257] – Add Terminals Tutorial
  • [DEA-258] – Add lift doors to SciFi levels
  • [DEA-259] – Add air duct tunnels to avoid scanner on scifi level 1

Bug Fixes

  • [DEA-251] – Wordsmith the Objectives tutorial popup wording,
  • [DEA-252] – Correct door alignment in chamber next to Cryo startup,
  • [DEA-253] – Update wording of Disable Scanner objective wording.
  • [DEA-254] – Help button on Backpack tutorial not working
  • [DEA-255] – Readable items tutorial has backpack underneath & help also doesn’t work.