Sue’s Story released!

After months of work, the parallel story to Discrepant, called Sue’s Story, will be available from 3rd August. Released free to enjoy!

The game picks up whether the tutorial ended in Discrepant, with Sue awakening in a Cryo transport ship, and ultimately collapsing on her way to escape to the shuttle. The tutorial was a hint of the rest of the story, but actually Discrepant starts in New Haven.

In New Haven, Sebastian interacts with Sue on multiple occasions in Discrepant, but we never fully find out what happened to Sue before Discrepant, and how she came to be where and what she is. Sue’s Story aims to fill in a big part of that part of the story. It is set exclusively in Space, and takes you on her journey through various ships, solving puzzles and trying to get in control of her own personal turmoil before reaching out to Sebastian.

No knowledge of Discrepant is required, you can just enjoy it for what it is, a playful adventure strongly tied to the likes to the Alien genre.