Sue’s Story will be Free To Play on Steam

Sue’s Story is a short “paraquel” to the psychological sci-fi adventure game Discrepant. It is a full standalone game not requiring Discrepant to play. It fills in an important story line to the original game but is set completely in space, and follows in the spirit and tradition of classic space sci-fi horror games. It is free to play as a playful side quest to the original story in the spirit of space horrors like Alien: Isolation and Dead Space.

Sue’s Story – Free DLC coming in the New Year

We are working on release a significant new story line to the game, called “Sue’s Story”. It will provide an alternate quest line which explores Sue’s adventures on the spaceship (spoiler – and other locations in space, which includes flying a small shuttle around between locations).

Feedback has been that the Tutorial has provided a good base for exploring the story further, and so we will be extending this section massively, and providing it as a free upgrade to the game which will come through in the New Year.

Update 1.00 released!

Finally got to v1.00. This is the final official release for Early Access. Only hot patches will follow this. Next version v2.00 will be the FULL game.

In this release:

    Release Notes - Discrepant Early Access - Version 1.0


  • [DEA-200] – melee attacking distance issues.
  • [DEA-271] – Rottweiler gets stuck in landscape


  • [DEA-272] – Improvements to Glitch AI hunt and attack


Update 0.99.3

New update adds highly requested feature, so give player 3 lives.. before dying. Looking to add manual save at any point, not just checkpoints.

[DEA-201] – Some inaccuracies with the inventory when continuing after death.
[DEA-266] – Sue’s car hood gets stuck to car engine.

[DEA-267] – Change “QuickOpen” door to not push the player through
[DEA-268] – Give player 3 lives (restarts) before death.
[DEA-269] – When using an item from inventory, close the popup menu afterwards.
[DEA-270] – Upgraded laser scanner disable terminal.


0.99.1 Hot Patch released

To address some issues with the help system and end game sequence not showing the menu again.

Feature Requests

  • [DEA-262] – Delete unused assets in contents folder
  • [DEA-263] – Provide some low level lighting in the air duct crawlspace in spaceship


  • [DEA-260] – Help menu returns to blank menu if dying
  • [DEA-261] – Help menu doesn’t close when exiting game.

0.99 Update released!

Hi all, new update includes a new way of progressing through the tutorial level, which i think will be welcomed! Enjoy! We are still working towards final release and out of early access!

Feature Requests

  • [DEA-250] – Popup Laser effect on floor maps.
  • [DEA-256] – Add Chamber markers to maps in Emergency Checklist book and Sci-Fi
  • [DEA-257] – Add Terminals Tutorial
  • [DEA-258] – Add lift doors to SciFi levels
  • [DEA-259] – Add air duct tunnels to avoid scanner on scifi level 1

Bug Fixes

  • [DEA-251] – Wordsmith the Objectives tutorial popup wording,
  • [DEA-252] – Correct door alignment in chamber next to Cryo startup,
  • [DEA-253] – Update wording of Disable Scanner objective wording.
  • [DEA-254] – Help button on Backpack tutorial not working
  • [DEA-255] – Readable items tutorial has backpack underneath & help also doesn’t work.